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Together we grow - that's one of the basic principle of Infogate. We are continuously looking for partners, who can represent us in their respective countries. We have two types of partner programs - Reseller Program & Franchise Program.

Infogate introduces 'Zero Investment' Reseller programs, where all you have to do is resell Infogate services and keep earning your rich commissions on the sales made. You can employ your own marketing strategies to increase the revenue you generate for yourself. There is no ceiling or limit on the profit you make; it is totally up to you! We have a wide range of choices for your reselling options; you can opt to sell particular service/s of ours, or all our services; again, it is totally up to you and your abilities.

Interested? If you would like to benefit from our 'Zero Investment' Reseller programs, please contact us to know how we can help you set up the program. Infogate is like a supermarket offering the whole gamut of IT related services. We believe in working with real people, not just nametags. We imprint our personal touch; we are true partners with our clients. Our client testimonials bear proof of our work culture and our care in providing quality service, and in serving more customers in different walks of businesses, diverse fields with continuously changing needs. We are detail-oriented; every project done by us is based on our motto: 'We are customers first'. At Infogate, we strive to get it right the first time with our time-tested methodologies.

What is the difference between our Reseller program and Franchise program?

When you register for our Reseller program, you do not have to make any initial investments. You make your profit based on the sales you make. Whereas when you invest as a Franchisee, in addition to the profits you make, you get to use our brand name and you enjoy the benefits of our focused training programs that come with each Franchise program.

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